Agricultural Real Estate

Agricultural Real Estate

Agricultural Real Estate is a unique concept developed by FarmKonnect Agribusiness that allows individuals take part in agriculture by acquiring farm assets such as Greenhouses, Chicken and Snail Pens. With Agricultural Real Estate, farmers can enjoy the advantages of economics of scale through collective farming as several farmers can own their individual assets say Greenhouses in a common location and share resources, allowing them transcend subsistence farming into a mega cooperative farming system with corresponding commercial scale output. In fullness of its initiation, FarmKonnect Nigeria PLC; the first Agricultural Real Estate Company in Africa; becoming the first of its kind to fully establish the concept of Agricultural Real Estate, as it aligns with her goals of providing innovative services to enhance farming conditions, facilitate smarter farming operation through modern technologies, skills, and partnerships, to improve productivity as well as effective food distribution with the aim of mitigating food insecurity and malnutrition. Using Agriculture as our panacea for insecurity, we believe that when there is enough food for all, there will be less violence. At FarmKonnect Nigeria Plc, we recognize that it takes time and expertise to turn these assets into profitable Farming operations this is why we don’t just sell you a Greenhouse, we collaborate with you to ensure smooth operation throughout the lifespan of these assets through our various management models.

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Profit Sharing / Mudarabah Model: ( مضاربۃ )

Our Profit Sharing / Mudarahbah Ownership Model (Read about MUDARABAH) is an entrepreneurial partnership between an individual and FarmKonnect whereby upon acquisition of your greenhouse, you provide the running capital for the farm while FarmKonnect provides labor and every other operational and managerial expertise required to run the greenhouse and the profit is being shared on a percentile module at the end of the agricultural operation.

  Ownership of Greenhouse.
  Takafur Insurance (Read about Takaful Insurance).
  Sharia Compliant.
  Provision of land for the Greenhouse.
  Greenhouse located on Wave City (Farm visit).
  Off taking of produce is Guaranteed.
  Transparent Farming process.
  Open to Co-ownership.
  Profit sharing.

Green Fix Model

With the Green fix ownership model, upon acquisition and setup of your Greenhouse, we handle every aspect of its operation and remit your profit to you. The returns are based on the economics of production and our previous experience.

  Ownership of Greenhouse.
  Provision of land for the Greenhouse.
  Total care of Greenhouse.
  Pre agreed estimated Profit.
  Open to co-ownership.
   Project will be insured.

Green Fix 2 Model

The Green fix two provides an easier entry into Greenhouse ownership by allowing individuals acquire a Greenhouse while FarmKonnect provides the running cost and handle the Greenhouse Operation and Off taking of Produce.

  Ownership of Greenhouse.
  Total care of Greenhouse
  Greenhouse will be insured.
  Provision of land for the Greenhouse.
  Zero Running Cost.
  Off taking of produce is Guaranteed.

Green Flex 1 Model

Under the Green Flex 1 ownership Model, Greenhouse owners have more flexibility and can be more involved in the farming process as owners have the option to off take the produce of their Greenhouses.

  Ownership of Greenhouse.
  Total care of Greenhouse
  Owner can offtake produce.
  Provision of land for the Greenhouse.
   Transparent Farming Process.
  Open to co-ownership.
  Project will be insured.
  Return is based on Output.

Green Flex 2 Model

Whether you want to grow vegetables for your own kitchen at your backyard, want to supply your local markets or you want to launch a full scale farming operation on your own land, we have got you covered with our Green Flex 2 ownership model. With the Green Flex 2 model, we supply and setup your Greenhouse at any location of your choice, however you can subscribe to our various services including training, remote monitoring and produce off taking. FarmKonnect also offers Demo Greenhouses allowing individuals try their hands on running a greenhouse or to own a home garden.

  Setup of Greenhouse.
  Training on Greenhouse Management.
  Flexibility in operation.
  Electronic Extension Service.
  Located at owners farm.
  Optional off taking of produce.

The Agricultural Real Estate has four existing types of products for sale to go with our flexible management models.

  Demo Greenhouse.
  Yellow Ark Greenhouse.
   960 Multivent Greenhouse.

demo greenhouse
yellow ark greenhouse
969 multivent greenhouse

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