FarmKonnect Nigeria; A home to many firsts.

Do you remember your first phone? Okay, do you recollect the third?


In different spheres of life, the first brand to register their impression in the minds of their prospects will always be the most memorable. It’s why Nigerians refer to all toothpaste as “Macleans,” all detergent as “Omo,” and all Agribusiness companies as FarmKonnect.

The reason is not far-fetched. It is a conscious decision to remain steadfast in giving quality service to customers and stay true to what has gotten them this far, and it doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. FarmKonnect is home to many firsts; the first Agribusiness brand to run the Agricultural Real Estate Model, the first to establish an Agricultural Electronic and Extension Centre Service (FAGEX, Est. 2021), and a host of other firsts.

                                          Farmkonnect Nigeria

People love an innovative and credible brand; that is why Farmkonnect sticks to its core values of Integrity, Simplicity, Equity, and Competence. The brand could just have copied another brand’s ideologies and present as theirs but decided to go the extra mile and came up with a unique Agribusiness model while many others were using the copy and paste model.

People love to know what is new and give their attention to a brand that carries them along in activities. Whether the activities are new or not, they don’t mind, and frankly, it doesn’t matter as much as being carried along.

Do you remember the first man- on the moon? Neil Armstrong probably rings in your head. Do you know the second? Please don’t bother; I don’t know too.

With whom would you rather earn from Agriculture?

May 31, 2021