Raising the Next Generation of Smart Farmers

Just as technology has affected our way of life and has brought changes to how we do things, Agriculture has also transformed from what it used to be. As a result, stakeholders in the Agricultural value chain have brought about several innovations and technologies.

As there are improvements in technology towards increasing yield and ensuring sustainable food and raw materials from agriculture, farmers need to improve their know-how towards utilizing these new technologies.

                                                                    Farmkonnect Nigeria

There is an existing knowledge, experience, and exposure gap in the agricultural sector, and it is one of the reasons we haven’t been able to maximize agriculture fully.

FIDAS (FarmKonnect Institute of Data and Agribusiness Studies) was set up to contribute to several efforts to bridge this gap and equip farmers and other professionals within the agricultural sector with adequate knowledge that would transform them into becoming smarter farmers.

The Institute would offer diverse courses across agriculture, data, environmental studies, sustainability studies, and much more. These courses have been carefully curated and the contents embedded in these courses are effective enough to cause a shift for the group of agricultural professionals that would undergo the training offered by the Institute.

A larger population of smart farmers across Nigeria and Africa would be exposed to innovation across the agricultural value chain and increased yield. These innovative farmers, who have been equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive, would turn the tables around, collaborate, and scale up across the value chain.

May 31, 2021