10 Reasons To Invest With Farmkonnect Nigeria

1.    Survival is an integral part of humanity; it has been regarded as the continuity of life’s existence. Therefore, it is essential that livelihood remains sustainable for the effectiveness of a particular society. However, Money, which is a legally or socially binding conceptual contract of sustaining survival has for long been an imbalance entity as acquiring it isn’t equivalent to sustenance. This is the reason why quite a number of people seek for yieldable ventures to entrust their funds in other to ascertain a sustainable level of survival. Over the years, great a number have become a victim of investment flams which is as a result of infeasible investment promises and ignorance as well as gross greed. Apparently, investment is a profound placement of funds in expectation of deriving profit from its use but it is vital that investment and its guides are well understood before venturing into it.


2.    Agriculture is no doubt a profitable venture of investment. One of the oldest practices which has over time been a sustainable means of survival. Agriculture at this time has gracefully aided poverty alleviation, food security and sustainability which are crucial to the survival of the society. In Africa today, several Agribusiness companies have added values to the emergence of modern Agriculture and precision farming, one of these gems is FarmKonnect Nigeria, a social Enterprise for development and the first Agricultural Real Estate Company in Nigeria who seeks to contribute greatly to food security and nutrition through the use of modern technologies and methodologies. FarmKonnect Nigeria is of the vision to make profiting from Agriculture easier and accessible for all without any form of limitations whatsoever. Furthermore, it is FarmKonnect’s business to connect stakeholders in the Agribusiness industry through innovative services. Following, FarmKonnect offers all the opportunity to earn from Agriculture without involving in farming. It is well understood that everyone has different financial status; this is why FarmKonnect Nigeria has designed several profitable investment packages which will enable all to be a beneficiary.


3.    As aforementioned, many have become a victim of investment scam which has resulted a lot of people to doubt the trueness of an investment scheme. FarmKonnect Nigeria offers authentic investment plans with a high level of transparency and fidelity. Since investment has become a doubting virus among the people, here are 10 tangible reasons to invest with FarmKonnect Nigeria.

a.    FarmKonnect Nigeria Is a Registered Company. With the registration number RC: 1440623, FarmKonnect Nigeria is a certified Agribusiness company who has the legitimacy to run business under the authority of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Unlike those who involve in investment criminality, they’re most times probably not registered and it sad to say that people don’t make this enquiry before committing their funds to them. In other to avoid financial detriment and regret, it is advisable that potential investors request to know if the company they’re about to invest with is registered and government approved. Registration of a Company shows the genuineness and originality of a particular firm which is a confident reason to do business; therefore, having been registered and qualified for legit business, FarmKonnect has the reason to be trusted as such a government registered company is vulnerable to illegality.


b.   FarmKonnect Is In Partnership with Reputable Companies Across The World.  One of FarmKonnect’s philosophies states that “Farmers should collaborate rather than compete” thus, FarmKonnect Nigeria has partnered with a few international companies such as Touchstone Snails Technology Limited, Cyprus. Guanteng Machinery Limited. China. Profyta, Netherlands to mention a few. The partnership aims to aid the vision and mission of the Company, and also to make food consumption and production available in the international market for global advantage. Partnership with reputable Companies most especially international Companies gives an intending investor an assurance that the investment is original and profitable. It is also prove of authenticity which is clear enough to convince and convert prospective leads in clients.   


c. FarmKonnect Offers An Attractive High Return On Investment (ROI).  FarmKonnect is one the few Agribusiness Companies that offers a high returning profit which has specially designed her investment scheme in a way that makes its return on investment very profitable and attractive to potential investors.  As compared to a few notable contemporaries, FarmKonnect’s ROI is far a better option for potential investors. The most important thing that triggers a prospect is benefit, often than none, people tend to patronize services that are of favorable to them hence, the attractiveness and benefits attached to FarmKonnect’s investment packages makes it reasonable enough for probable investors to venture into the business of the Company.


d.  FarmKonnect’s Investment Projects Are Insured.  Projects of FarmKonnect Nigeria are under the exclusive insurance of Leadway Assurance and NAIC (Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation). Project insurance is project sustainability which is also a way of avoiding unforeseen future circumstances as well as convincing potential investors to invest. Project insurance is another vital proof of authenticity and longevity; it gives potential prospects a guarantee of trust and ingenuity of a business. Having insured our projects, it is safe to say that prospects have causes to invest with FarmKonnect.


e.    FarmKonnect Has Made Investment Accessible to All By Designing Different Categories of Investment. FarmKonnect Nigeria has investment packages that covers for all and sundry without any form of limitations. General engagement in terms of investment gives all the chance to be a part and parcel of the Company’s businesses. Restrictions as regards financial status can disfranchise some particular set of people which could also be a turn off to some prospects who can afford the investment. Following, FarmKonnect has created a scheme for each and every class of people that help suit their financial status. Consequently, investment packages are unarguably beneficial to all which makes it a crucial reason to invest a future with FarmKonnect.


f.    Investment Feasibility.  The investment plans of FarmKonnect Nigeria are well detailed and outlined; they’re accurate and possible to practice. Unlike some subtle investment businesses that are full of ambiguity and unrealistic details which are the frivolities that became people’s doom. The realistic details of FarmKonnect’s investment packages makes it reasonable and worthy venturing into. Investment feasibility is key when it comes to convincing prospective clients. FarmKonnect’s investment packages crystal clear and substantial enough to make likely investors entrust their funds.

g.    Sense of Ownership.       FarmKonnect came up with a virgin idea of making investment feels like home. Prospective Investors have the opportunity to own a particular Agricultural Real Estate facility or facilities of FarmKonnect for a particular period of time (10 years precisely) which is also renewable. Sense of ownership in terms of business partnership stirs up the attention of interested investors which is always the reason people venture into partnering in a business.  This strategy that FarmKonnect birthed is an attractive move that will make any serious-minded soon-to-be investor sign up for the temporal ownership deal.


h.   Good Agricultural Practicing System.     In a pursuit to contribute to food safety, hygiene and security as well as sustainability, FarmKonnect engages in Good Agricultural Practice which are specific methods that when applied creates safe and hygienic food for consumption and further processing. This practice shows the efficiency and the standard of food production that has been adopted. Every good investor is a fan of quality and high class, the adoption of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) into the Farming System is an obvious good selling point which is necessary when buying the interest of a possible investor.


i.    The Agricultural Real Estate Niche.   For the record, FarmKonnect is the first and pioneer of Agricultural Real Estate in Nigeria who practices structural Agricultural system which makes her exceptional among her contemporaries. This unique niche has created a beautiful glamour around the modern day Agriculture which will undoubtably captivate the curiosity of the interested. This specialty is a unique point of sale which will attract likely business investors to partner with the company. Most times, people get fascinated and as much get interested when they get to know that what they intend venturing into is unique and far from the usual therefore, The Agricultural Real Estate niche of FarmKonnect Nigeria can cause investors to be a part of the business.


j.    Easy Profit Making From Agriculture.  FarmKonnect aims at making earning from Agriculture easy and highly accessible. FarmKonnect has premeditated an agricultural treasure map that made earning from agriculture stress-free. Investment packages of FarmKonnect simplifies profit making and assures clients an easy stream of income. Less ambiguity aids the clarity of prospects while attempting to venture into an investment. Easy accessibility helps to engage the interest of intending investors which also aids referral process.  Thus, ensuring easy profit making is an attribute of FarmKonnect Nigeria, a tangible reason to invest in her business.


4.       In conclusion, FarmKonnect Nigeria offers all the privilege to invest a future in Agriculture in other to ascertain survival, mitigate poverty rate and add to the economic growth of Africa and beyond. The high level of hunger and poverty can be allayed especially in this part of the world if every individual thinks and ventures into investing in Agriculture. FarmKonnect Nigeria has been found worthy of partnership and a citadel to making agricultural profit, therefore it is reasonable for all to invest with FarmKonnect. If survival is ascertained in the existence of life, there’s a likely tendency for less criminality and other wrongdoings; hence, think investment, think Agriculture, think FarmKonnect. Agriculture is peace.

September 9, 2020