Wave City Project


The scope of our Agriculture real estate starts here. Wave city is a farm settlement of 507 hectares at Wasimi, Osun State, Nigeria, hosting various model of green houses that grows fruits and leafy vegetables for healthy and nutritious production. Some of the greenhouse produce are; Tomatoes, Habaneros, Chili pepper, Eggplants. On the open field we cultivate plants such as but not limited to; carrots, potatoes, stevia, okra, jute, pumpkin. The purpose of the green houses is to maintain the nutrient contents of the vegetables, to increase productivity, to improve yield, and affordability. Which means the cost of growing these vegetables through the regular traditional methods have been cut down by another 20-30% at Wave City. Wave city is aimed at distribution of food to the markets in the South-West of Nigeria, cutting down the cost of this food items by 40% as the cost of transportation to this local market will be reduced compared to the initial source. Our produce are highly nutritious, fresh, affordable and available all year round. Wave city project will also accommodate other complementary farming activities, such as poultry and insect farming on the farm settlement. This strategy is to enhance the sustainability of the project through comprehensive food and energy circle. The insects will provide proteins for the poultry and the fishes, the poultry waste will serve as manure for the Greenhouses, and the food waste from the Greenhouses will be used to generate renewable energy to power the farm settlement. It will also contribute to economic stability and creation of both foreign and local trade. This project have been made possible through Farmkonnect funding system whereby a sponsor becomes a part of the project by owning a part of the farm for a particular period of time. The funds are used to erect greenhouses as many as possible, cultivate and maintain the farm, distribute the produce to markets and earn returns with an allotted share to the sponsors every 6months. You sponsor, we do the work, and you share in the profit.