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About Us

About FarmKonnect

Agriculture is Peace

FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited  seeks to enhance farming conditions and outputs of farmers by providing innovative services with a view to facilitating better operational conditions, equipment as well as an effective distribution of farm produce. It is believed that more investments in the Agricultural sector will result in better food security which will in turn help in reducing crime and illegalities in the country.

  1. Jan, 1994

    The history of FarmKonnect started as far back as 1994 where a young man was serving as an apprentice in a small aquaculture farm in Mokola GRA Ibadan, Nigeria. The experience of the young man developed into an undying passion for aquaculture which eventually spilled over to other areas of agriculture. Starting with a single fish pond at the place of apprenticeship, the business grew and gradually became what it is today with a vision of becoming a relevant force in Nigeria’s agricultural industry.

  2. Oct, 2005
    The Starting Point.

    After some years of experience, investments into the agricultural sector became more attractive and the prospects were now more glaring.

  3. Jan, 2007
    Advent of Aquapet Ventures.

    The vision and passion of Oludayo Ganiyu, lead to the establishment of Aquapet Venture limited, which is a large scale aquaculture venture. Although the business grew fast beyond aquaculture to include trades in aquaculture inputs, trainings and consultancies services.

  4. Feb, 2013
    The Birth of NAFFINS Investments Limited

    In 2013, Naffins Investments Limited was established by Azeez Oluwole to attract investments into diverse industries, However the Company was not as successful as planned.

  5. May, 2015
    Project FarmKonnect Launches.

    In order to attract investment into the Company, Naffins launched Project FarmKonnect, which was a program to encourage agricultural investments through the concept of crowd funding. The project began to gain lots of positive attention, then the Company decided to make FarmKonnect a separate entity.

  6. Jun, 2016
    Review of Phylosophies.

    As FarmKonnect began to transform from a small hobby-business into a company, it began to review its business philosophies. With due considerations to the specific business condition in Nigeria’s Agricultural sector, it was clearly unveiled that there is a huge gap among the stakeholders in the agricultural sector. It was further unveiled that despite the fact that Africa owns over 60 per cent of the world’s arable farmland, with about 67% youth population as well as about 60 per cent population employed in agriculture, the effect of agriculture in Africa’s revenue is not as huge as it should be. Therefore FarmKonnect started out with the view to connecting the stakeholders in agriculture. 

  7. May, 2017
    FarmKonnect Opens an Office.

    The same year, FarmKonnect opened the first office in Bodija Ibadan, from where all business activities are coordinated.

  8. Sep, 2017
    FarmKonnect Becomes a Company.

    In September 2017, FarmKonnect legally became an entity, duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as an agribusiness company, and legally authorized to carry on the business of Agriculture in Nigeria.

  9. Oct, 2017
    Cuniculture Test Completed.

    FarmKonnect conducted its Testing of Cuniculture successfully.

  10. Oct, 2017
    Igbeja Snail Village Ideation.

    ·                    FarmKonnect was able to sign the franchise agreement with Touchstone Snails Technology Limited, Cyprus, towards the Igbeja Snail Village Project.

     ·                    FarmKonnect designed the Concept of Igbeja Snail Village.

     ·                    FarmKonnect commenced the training on the construction of the snail facility in Ekiti.

  11. Mar, 2018
    Great Leap.

    FarmKonnect was able to get into partnership with many important Companies towards the execution of its project.

    FarmKonnect conducted testing of Castor, and trained some of its staff on Castor production.

     ·                    Major General Femi Jokotola became the Chairman Board of Director of FarmKonnect Nigeria.

  12. Feb, 2018
    Remarkable Progress.

    FarmKonnect won awards from Cysec Nigeria, University of Ibadan Faculty of Agriculture, and Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Award for Agriculture 2018.

     FarmKonnect successfully tested some of its applications in Nigeria and outside the Country.

    FarmKonnect successfully completed the construction of the first snail facility.

  13. Oct, 2018
    MODACS came on board.

    The Ministry of Defence Staff Agricultural Cooperative Society signs an MOU with FarmKonnect towards the building of three units of snail farming facilities.

  14. Nov, 2018
    Expansion and Operations

    ·                    FarmKonnect opens another office in Ibadan.

    ·                    FarmKonnect launches the Basal Plan.

    ·                    FarmKonnect commences recruitment of State and Business Representatives nationwide.

  15. Mar, 2019
    NACCIA Launches Out

    ·                    March 2019 – NACCIA Launches out to the public and grossed an excess of 180,000 subscribers in 6 weeks.

  16. Aug, 2019
    Looking Ahead

    ·                    May 2019 – FarmKonnect and NACCIA to commence cooperative farming operations.

    ·                    May 2019 – FarmKonnect to launch its application for public use.

    ·                    August 2019 - FarmKonnect to inaugurate Igbeja Snail Village and open the project up for public investment as well.

    ·                    September 2019 – FarmKonnect to commence production operation of Igeja Snail Village Phase 1.

    ·                    September 2019 – FarmKonnect to commence the building of the Vegetable City in Kwara State.

    ·                    November 2019     - Commencement of the African Food Hub UAE.

  17. Dec, 2020
    Further Ahead

    ·                    FarmKonnect to commence local slime extraction from snails.

    ·                    Expansion of the Igbeja Snail Village to 50 farming Units.

Our Vision

To make profiting from agriculture easier and more consistent for all and sundry without limitation by boundaries, time, space, social or financial status.
FarmKonnect Vision

Our Mission

To contribute immensely to food security and nutrition through Agricultural real estate of modern agricultural technologies and methodologies.
FarmKonnect Mission Statement

Our Business

Our business is to connect stakeholders in Agriculture/Agribusiness through innovative services.
FarmKonnect Business Statement


We know that without food security, national stability is just a dream, therefore our Motto is: AGRICULTURE IS PEACE.


Integrity is like a ball, it maintains perspective from all angles of view. We must reflect this in all our businesses.
Modern Agriculture demands to practice in accordance with the global standard, anything less will eventually fail.
At FarmKonnect we believe we should take the hard part while making things reasonable simple for our clients and partners.
People should be commensurately rewarded for their efforts, it is also important to create a level playground for people with diverse background and status.


1.    We do not need more farmers, we need smarter farmers.

2.   Farmers should collaborate rather than compete.

3.   We need to inculcate the culture of Agriculture.

4.   Do it Really Big! Agriculture stings; mediocrity will kill you!

5.   Farm what they don't sell what they farm.