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Become an Affiliate

A FarmKonnect affiliate is a person who promotes and drives the Business interests of FarmKonnect in Nigeria. Affiliates partner with us to recruit more people to invest or do business with us. Your main objective as an affiliate is to introduce people to our various Sponsorship packages and services, earning yourself a commission in the process. All you need to be an affiliate of FarmKonnect is an understanding of our products and the desire to work.

We have two types of affiliates, the State Representative and the Business representative:

State Representative: The State Representative is a person approved to represent FarmKonnect in his or her state. A State Representative has the freedom to recruit Business Representatives to work together with him and receives a commission based on their collective of his team in recruiting new subscribers unto our platform success.

Business Representative: The Business Representative is the tactical man that works with the State Representative to take Farmkonnect’s products and services to the target customers and clientele. They are also specially recruited and trained for the roles. The Business Representative earns his commission based on the investment of those who subscribe to our packages through him

Subscribers can also introduce new subscribers to our packages using their personal referral links and earn a commission on their referrals in addition to the profits earned on their investment

As an affiliate of FarmKonnect, you introduce people to the following:

As an affiliate of FarmKonnect, you introduce people to the following:

  1. Our Sponsorship packages
  2. Our Services
  3. Our Products
  4. Our Programs

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