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“The youth are not the future; the youth are the present.” Dr. Akinwumi Adesina emphasized this while delivering the 14th convocation of Bowen University lecture titled; “Africa’s Future: Positioning University to Nurture Develop Entrepreneurial Initiative”. According to the President of Africa’s Development Bank, the millionaires and billionaires of Africa will not come from oil and gas but from agriculture.   He advocated that the measure of the growth of countries of the world should not be limited to the Gross Domestic product since nobody eats GDP; rather, it should begin to be measured based on the contributions of the youths
A very long time ago, the ancient Egypt Philosopher and founder of Hermetism, Hermes Trismegistus, mentioned that by discovering the true nature of the gods, man has been able to reproduce it. But of course, this philosophical foundation of the ability of man to create machines is not to be downplayed while it is argued that the invention of the (first-generation) actionable digital computer in the 1940s triggered interests and investment in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence. In the 1950s the Turing Test was heavily lauded after Alan Turing speculated about the possibility of creating machines that think. According to
By Solomon Adekola   Like many industries, technology is changing the ways farmers manage their operations. New developments in machinery, software and genetics are allowing farmers to have more control over how they plant and manage their crops. One of the greatest innovations in farming technology today is the advent of precision agriculture technology. One of the agriculture technologies is Greenhouse farming. FarmKonnect agribusiness focuses its attention on the easiest way of farming and adopted the new agriculture technology. Greenhouse farming entails growing horticulture namely flowers, fruits and vegetables in a framed or inflated structure covered with a transparent or
It is apparently undoubtable that the modern day agricultural practice is the key to global food security. Several accounts have proven that technological farming system is the future of the future; therefore, there is a need to widen the scope of nutritious food production and availability system. It is safe to say that farming practice and processing is on a newer dimension of which several ideas and logic keeps coming to limelight and they are being used accordingly. Advanced technological farming and its processing are one of the large factors responsible for urbanization and industrial economies. Besides improving production efficiency,
By Solomon Adekola   Nigeria has never had food security. It has as usual been importing rice, beans and other food items. Since the sources of supplied of these importation are in food crisis it has a spillover effect on Nigeria. The most silent area is that food price will be on the high side, and result to low quantity of food to be import thereby, causing instability in the country economic, social and political sector. Many will starve to death, crime rate will be on the high side, and the rate of poverty will be extremely high.   Poverty
 Agriculture and farming is one of the oldest and most important professions in the world. Humanity has come a long way over the millennia in how we farm and grow crops with the introduction of various technologies. As the world population continues to grow and land becomes more scarce, people have needed to get creative and become more efficient about how we farm, using less land to produce more crops and increasing the productivity and yield of those farmed acres. Worldwide, agriculture is a $5 trillion industry, and now the industry is turning to AI technologies to help yield healthier
By Solomon Adekola   The pathogenic fungus Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4), already widespread on several other continents, has been found for the first time infecting banana plants in Latin America, researchers confirmed earlier in the month August. Fungicides are ineffective against the disease, and observers have long feared its incursion into the world’s top banana-producing region. Randy Ploetz, a plant pathologist at the University of Florida in Homestead said that the epidemics develop slowly, so the [spread of TR4] will take some time. But eventually, it will not be possible to produce Cavendish [banana variety] for international trade.
By Solomon Adekola   Agriculture, which has high rates of fatalities and serious injuries, ranks among the most dangerous professions in the United States. In Nigeria, greenhouse farming technology has turned into technology to increase food production because of unpredictable weather conditions.   Things to be considered for the safety of our farm product 1. Soils are a multifaceted and dynamic natural resource that supports plant growth and affect water and air quality. Scientists have found that in-depth research is needed to unravel the complex nature of soils as well as their impact on Earth’s ecosystems. 2. Freshwater is so
Soybean (Glycin max) is a leguminous vegetable of the pea family that grows in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. Soybean was domesticated in the 11th century BC around the northeast of China. It is believed that it might have been introduced to Africa in the 19th century by Chinese traders along the eastern coast of Africa. Importance of the crop Soybean consists of more than 36% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and excellent amounts of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also consists of 20% oil, which makes it the most important crop for producing edible oil. Malnutrition, particularly protein deficiency, is
It was a bright then cloudy day here in the north of Ibadan. Walking down this street you could feel the well circulated conviviality in the neighborhood, and you could see the industry of the inhabitants and the focus strength of the commuters. But nothing could have been more blissful to the sight than the specter of a decade of pupils who had come from their school to felicitate with us on this day of dietary commemoration. Today October 16 2019, being the world food day, FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited hosted the pupils of Life Foundation International School at its
BY OKUNOLA AJOKE The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted in a world where food insecurity and hunger present an enormous global challenge. The world’s population is expected to grow to nine billion by 2050 and demand on global food systems intensifies every day. However, transforming our food and agricultural systems to make them sustainable, resilient and inclusive will deliver access to healthy and nutritious foods, help create livelihoods for small-scale producers and processors, and help protect ecosystems and combat climate change. In this context, business has become a critical partner in designing and delivering effective, scale-able and practical
Solomon Adekola A greenhouse is a building with glass sides and a glass roof in which plants that need protection from or are sensitive to weather are grown. In the United States and in most countries of the world, you can successfully start your own greenhouse farm and grow the business into an international venture. Several things occur when you decide not to invest your money on something profitable. Different things happened when you can’t make the right choice of investing your money on something great. Investing your money on a great and profitable business can turn your money to
For several decades Climate change has stood out as an albatross that humanity invariably contends with. Perpetually abetting more droughts, flooding, extreme weather conditions among other ecological and socio-economic problems, climate change is having serious adverse effects on farmers, especially in the peripheral parts of the globe. In Africa Climate change is already producing a surge in the frequency and intensity of droughts that is damaging production of the continents most important crop (maize) while increased flooding in South Asia is endangering rice harvests that sustain millions of lives. Countries like Rwanda, Ghana and Ethiopia are at risk of experiencing
Nigerian banks gave only 4.20 per cent of their total loans to Agriculture in the second quarter (Q2) of this year. Out of N15.1 trillion loans in the second quarter of 2019, N636 billion was given to agriculture. The figures which was disclosed by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in a report on its website titled ‘selected banking sector’ data for Q2 2019. The bureau said the data was supplied administratively by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and was verified and validated by the NBS. There was also no significant difference in loans to the agriculture sector between
Compiled by Adejimi Christiana Adebola  Technology has played a big role in developing the agricultural industry. Today it is possible to grow crops in a desert by use of agricultural biotechnology. Through genetic engineering scientists have managed to introduce traits into existing genes with a goal of making crops resistant to droughts and pests. Modern technology is simply an advancement of old technology. The impact of technology in modern life is immeasurable, we use technology in different ways and sometimes the way we implement various technologies do more damage than good. We use technology on a daily basis to accomplish specific tasks or interests. THE USE OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY IN AGRICULTURE In


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