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Crop Farming Activities

With over 80 percent of Nigeria’s land being Agricultural, utilizing the land in diverse agronomic activities is never out of place. The following are part of our areas of interest:

Castor Farming.
Castor farming is a large gold mine that is yet fully untapped, with Nigerian Castor market being in excess of 50 Billion Naira per annum, the plant can naturally grow in Nigeria and well adapted to the climate. It is also important that the largest castor processing plant in Africa is in Nigeria, and supply is less than 40% of needed raw material as Nigeria’s production is currently estimated at just 12,000 Tonnes. We have done a successful test of this plant.

Leafy Vegetable.
We invest in leafy vegetables such as Bitter leaf, Moringa, Cabbage, Lettuce, green vegetable, jute, Ugwu, Waterleaf and so on. We produce Moringa, Ugwu and Bitter leaves at a very high quantity and quality towards the provision of raw materials to our US-based sister company for the production of food supplements.

Fruit Vegetables.
Fruit vegetables such as chili pepper, tomatoes, squash pepper are vital part of our business as we produce this also in large quantity through cooperative farming, for high quantity of production for major food and confectionery companies.

Having access to a high yield variety of peanut, with output as high as 45 tons per hectare, we produce large quantity of peanuts for food and confectionery companies. We currently have thousands of hectares across different parts of the country with hundreds of farmers engaged in cooperative farming projects under the umbrella of NACCIA.

The Northern part of Nigeria is very conducive for the production of spices such as garlic, ginger, onions, alligator pepper and the likes. These are high value products locally and internationally.

Mushroom Farming.
As at 2018, South Africa is the only African Country among 27 top producers of Mushroom in the world. It is the desire of FarmKonnect to bring Nigeria into the list. We are currently working hard on putting Nigeria at the fore front in mushroom production.