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Future Projects

African Food Export Hub.
With the food market in the Golf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in excess of 140 Billion USD per annum and estimated to hit 400B USD by 2024. Nigeria capturing a fraction of this will be a great deal! Thus, utilizing the Harmiyya Food Pack in UAE, FarmKonnect works towards the full utilization of African food hub to repackage African Food for further export to other parts of the world. There is nothing wrong with having outlets in major countries of the world where Africans need to connect with African food.

Ostrich Farming.
We have carried out a series of research on Ostrich farming and we know it is huge under-tapped opportunity in Nigeria. A great source of lean red meat with a relatively better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) than cattle; therefore, promising great profits. Due to the prolific nature of the flightless bird and its excellent feed conversion rate, it is a rewarding venture that requires large space and capital to thrive. After having tested this venture, FarmKonnect is working toward raising a 10,000 mature female ostrich farm in Kaduna. The land is already available.

Insect Farming.
Malnutrition is a dimension to look at in Africa’s battle for food security. Poverty has made access to animal protein difficult to many. Apart from this, the global community is fast looking at the other avenues for healthier and affordable high-quality protein and probiotics. Insects promise to offer much for the future. It is high time we began to look towards raring these beautiful creatures for their benefits. At FarmKonnect, our focus of research and investment include but not limited to locust, cricket, edible worms, honey and bumble bees, cockroaches.

Rabbit Farming.
The future of cuniculture is huge and Nigeria needs to begin to look deep into the field, we have successfully gone through the testing phase of rabbit raring, we are now designing the mega project around this so that we can commence the pilot phase by 2020.

The Vegetable City.
The Vegetable City is a woman only project in Kwara State, Nigeria. Starting in 2019, where women are trained and guided towards the creation of 2,500 vegetable greenhouses built from scratched and managed by women. It is designed to employ a minimum of 2,000 women in the food industry.