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Greenhouse Vegetable Farming

Greenhouse Vegetable Farming

Greenhouse Vegetable Farming

The Greenhouse vegetable farming is a dimension of the Agricultural real estate enterprise of FarmKonnect Nigeria. Designated for production of fruits and leafy vegetables, the Greenhouse project aims at promoting food security in Africa and the world at large and solving the problem of global poverty through environmentally controlled farming.

The project currently has two phases located in two regions of the country, namely; the WaVe city in the South-west and the Navigand Cluster in the South-east.

The WaVe City

The WaVe city encompasses a cluster of ten thousand Greenhouses on a 500 hectares land in Wasimi, Osun State, Nigeria. Specifically designed to service the markets and the locals in the South-western part of the country, the Wave city project will run alongside other complementary farming activities, such as poultry and insect farming on the same land. This is a strategic method of enhancing the sustainability of the project through comprehensive food and energy circle; the insects will provide proteins for the poultry and the fishes, the poultry waste will serve as manure for the Greenhouses and the food waste from the Greenhouses will be used to generate renewable energy to power the farms.

The Navigand Cluster

The Navigand cluster, comprising over 1,500 Greenhouses, is an extension of FarmKonnect’s vegetable farming project to the south-eastern part of the country. The project which is strategically located in the Imo State Polytechnic, Imo State, Nigeria will service the south-east and the south-south market and create wealth and wider economic opportunities for investors and natives of the locality.