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Igbeja Snail Village

Working in partnership with and under the tutelage of Touchstone Snails Technology Limited, Lanarca, Cyprus, we are currently developing Africa’s largest snail facility tagged Igbeja Snail Village. The first phase of the project will house 100 Units of snail breeding facility and will produce a minimum of 2.6 Million Kg (2,600 Metric Tons) of snails per annum, with a very high return on investment above 50% per annum, from the first year of production. We believe that the project should not just be about farming, we should also add glamour to our work, so we will put a touch of tourism and world-class hospitality. It is opened to investors as per phase. All snails produced are for the export market. There is also a future consideration towards local processing for slime, meat, and caviar.