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Our Business Areas

We have three lines of Business as listed below:

1           Information Technology Support for Agriculture.

We endeavour to provide diverse Information Technology solution for all scales of farmers with the view to improving Africa’s agriculture. We clearly understand that the future of Africa’s agriculture depend greatly on Information Technology, therefore, it is important to start positioning the continent to maximize the opportunities provided by the industry through the applications of modern communication technologies. Based on this we have developed some applications that farmers can use to increase their farming efficiencies and productivities. Some of these applications include but not limited to:


This is a free classified ad page that enables farmers to easily post their farm produce.

Directory of Farmers and Consultants.        

This is a database of all players in the agricultural sector.  A user can create its account and put its information on the account so that he becomes visible to his potential clients and the directory can also lead them to his farms/office.


This is designed to easily connect farmers to bulk buyers.

Distress Call.

The Distress Call is an emergency response system that connects a farmer to quick guide when he encounters some strange situations in his farms.

Online Library.

This is designed to bring important books, reports, and other intellectual documents closer to the Farmers.

Web based Farm Management System and Agricultural Risk Management solution.

This is a web based farm management system to help farmers utilize the satellite to manage their farms remotely.

Precision Farming Solutions

Precision Farming solutions, we partner with existing companies to help manage farms through precision farming.

Agricultural Cooperative Management System.  

Agricultural Cooperative solution is designed to coordinate farmers into cooperatives and adequately and accurately

2             Trade and Supply.

The Trade and Supply aspect of our business simply involves export of raw and processed agricultural produce. To maintain the values of our finances, we import product and services that are needed locally in the agricultural sector far local sales and distribution. We call this the hour glass concept. We are currently building the network of partners to source products from any part of the continent and export it to the United Arab Emirates.

3      Commercial Scale Agricultural Projects.

Since we are basically agriculturist, with over 150 years of cumulative agricultural experiences, we have our farms where we carry out agriculture projects on commercial scales with a view to enhancing food security and nutrition in Africa and Middle East.