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Military Exclusive Maize Cluster Project Details

The Military Exclusive Maize Project

Military Exclusive Maize Cluster Package is exclusively for members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Federal Security Agencies and their direct dependents...


   In appreciation of their patriotism and selfless service to our Nation, the consortium, comprising FarmKonnect, Agfin and Agvest create opportunities for the members of the Nigerian Armed Forces and other federal security agencies including their dependents to take advantage of the various prospects in Agriculture. Accordingly, Agvest facilitates diverse agricultural projects, which are managed by FarmKonnect Nigeria and financed by Agfin. Consequently, The Military Exclusive Maize Cluster Package was created for the benefit of our service men. 

      As the name implies it is a package exclusive to the active and retired members of the Nigerian Armed Forces and Paramilitary services including their direct dependents. The demanding nature of the job of our heroes and the effect on their dependents is one of the reasons they may not have multiple sources of income, so FarmKonnect in partnership with Agfin, Agvest and NAIC create passive sources of income for them and their dependents. There are only 90 slots available at Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only per slot. An individual can own more than one slot, subject to availability.

Owning a slot of this package qualifies you for an agricultural loan of One Million Naira from Agfin an Agricultural Finance company.  The capital and the loan provided by Agfin, totaling One Million Three Hundred Thousand Naira will be used to cultivate 10 hectares of Maize. All 90 slots will be located at the same place, in Egbeda Logun area of Osun State hence the name Military Exclusive Maize Cluster. Agvest, an agricultural investment company coordinates the investment processes to ensure smooth running of the project.

The Loan

          The loan is not a direct cash disbursement to participants, but purely agricultural finance, in the form of land, inputs, consultancy, extension services, and cash. This will be handed over to FarmKonnect on behalf of the subscriber within 24 hours of payment confirmation.   An interest 3% accrues on the loan over 6  months tenure and interest are to be repaid only after completion of  project. Agvest and NAIC oversee and monitor the project implementation.



This is a breakdown of the financials for the 10Ha of land for Maize Farm.

Capital                        = #300,000

Loan                            = #1,000,000

Total Investment   = #1,300,000

Gross Profit              =#2,450,000


Service Charge        = #   100,000

Loan payment         = #1,000,000

Loan Interest           = #    180,000

Net Profit                   = #1,170,000

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