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Military Standard Package

The Military Standard Package is flexible and easy to subscribe to, with a slot of investment selling for as low as 50,000. for a return as high as 50.51% per annum on investment (4.14%) per month. The package is designed for members of the Nigerian Armed forces that may want to increase their cash flow, you may withdraw your profit monthly or allow it to accumulate over a period. It is a very flexible package that can be liquidated at any time after the first three months. The standard tenure is one year but the package can be kept active for longer. There is no limit to the number of slots a client can own and the package can run concurrently with other packages.

Return on Investment

For every slot of the Military Standard Package, the sponsor gets 4.14% of his capital per month, equating to 50.51% per annum. Therefore if: Capital is 50,000, Return will be 2,070 per month Which is equal to 25,254 per annum. Therefore if your capital is 1,000,000,

your monthly return will be = 41,400 (Guaranteed).

and your annual return will be = 505,080.


Many people strive to increase their monthly earnings so as to conveniently handle bills and other recurrent monthly expenditures. Such a person may want to have additional income through investments into ventures that help them earn passive income. This is where the Military Standard Package comes handy, with this package the sponsor can be sure to earn monthly, quarterly or annually.

With the Military Standard Package, the sponsor is guaranteed to earn the agreed profit regardless of risks and circumstances around FarmKonnect’s operations. FarmKonnect completely absolves the sponsor of the risks on his capital. This is therefore a guaranteed income once the sponsorship is activated.


  • A slot of the military standard package sells at 50,000 only.
  • Guaranteed 50.51% ROI per annum, 4.14% per month.
  • Liquidate package any time after the first three months.
  • We bear your risks.
  • Multiple slots allowed.
  • Package can run concurrently with other packages.
  • Profit available monthly, or as desired by the sponsor.
  • Monitor investment from your mobile or web application.


In order to exit the plan the sponsor can exit by intentionally terminating the package and:

  • Withdrawing money to his/her banks account. Or,
  • Re-investing the money in any other package as he/she deems.


This package is open to all members of the Nigerian Armed Forces.


The funds raised through the Military Standard Package are engaged in short term projects or in direct trades of commodity and supplies. This is the reason it is always in a semi liquid state, facilitating easy liquidation and withdrawal. In order to generate profit for the sponsor and the Company, we engage the fund from this package only in projects that can give return within 45 days to 60 days of financial commitment.

We understand the importance of your fund and the need for its security; therefore we take the risk on your investment and promise you a guaranteed
return on investment. We also utilize insurance to keep our operations protected, so you can rest assured that your fund is in safe hands.


A slot of the Military Standard Package is 50,000. Only.

Capital = ₦50,000.
Daily Profit = ₦69.
Weekly Profit = ₦483.
Monthly Profit = ₦2070.
Annual Profit = ₦25,254.

Total Profit = ₦75,254.

Therefore regardless of the profit made, the sponsor’s capital is still intact.
Imagine One Million Naira sponsorship on the Standard Package.

Daily Profit =₦1,380

Monthly Profit =₦41,400

Annual Profit =₦505,080

Total Profit =₦1,505,080

Download this file to view the profit accrued over time