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NACCIA stands for National Cooperative for Commercial and Industrial Agriculture. This is a formidable nationwide cooperative of smallholder farmers formed on a reverse federalism setup, in which farmers and industrialists are organized into different federating units of cooperatives. These federating units can then engage in large scale Agricultural projects, up to processing and distribution levels of the value chain. The good thing about NACCIA is that, apart from individual financial commitments, it is designed to be funded through government and other non-governmental agencies through low interest short and medium term Agricultural loans and investments. Furthermore, in NACCIA, it is said that “We don’t farm to sell, but we sell to farm”, meaning that clusters do not commence any project unless there is offtake guarantee for such project. With NACCIA you can be sure of getting funding for your project and off-takers for your produce.

It may interest you to know that NACCIA has initiated lots of off-take partnership with food and processing companies as well as committed into bonds with some outstanding input supply companies to enhance the productivity and profitability of its members. Joining NACCIA does not require out-of-pocket expenditure, as registration fee is deducted after loan disbursements. NACCIA is a potential vehicle that can help alleviate poverty through commercial scale farming and industrialization of Agriculture.

With the pace at which Agriculture is moving, only the big players would be relevant in the sector in the nearest future. Accordingly, small holder farmers who do not belong to a large scale farming cooperative will end up folding up completely. This is why we are positioning interested farmers to take advantage of the opportunities associated with being a member of NACCIA.

Being a member of NACCIA means that the Cooperative will assist in the following ways:

Being a member of NACCIA means that the Cooperative will assist in the following ways:

  1. Access to Finance.
  2. Access to Farmland.
  3. Access to Market.
  4. Access to Input and Support Services.
  5. Access to Training and Consultancy Services.

How to Register for NACCIA

Download the NACCIA application form here

Fill the form with appropraite information

Scan signed form with passport and send to naccianigeria@gmail.com

or send printed copy to 

69, Ashi Road, Ashi, Ibadan, Nigeria