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Vegetable Green House Cluster Project.

Imagine owning a greenhouse with 15 years lifespan, with just 1,300,000 Naira only! And earning 500,000 Naira every 6 months

You will have earned 15 Million Naira in 15 years. This is the beauty of merging the profitability of agriculture and the beauty of real estate.
Own a Vegetable Greenhouse on WaVe-City or iMove Cluster with just 1.3 Million Naira.

Own a Vegetable Greenhouse on WaVe-City or iMove Cluster with just 1.3 Million Naira.

  • Facility built in your name.
  • We complete building facility within 21 days.
  • Facility fully insured, and certificate of insurance issued to you.
  • Farm produce fully insured.
  • No additional financial obligations.
  • Earn 500,000 Naira every 6 months for 15 years.
  • 15 Years Useful life span.
  • Full access to farm.
  • Exit plan anytime within 15 years.
  • Farm is yours and named after you.
  • We will manage the operations from A to Z.


We are currently engaged in the setup of vegetable farms using greenhouse technology. The project is planned to produce leafy and fruit vegetables with output in excess of 130,000 metric tons of vegetables per annum. The project will facilitate the production of various fruit and leafy vegetables for the local markets. The first phase of the project includes the use of low-tech green houses for the production of fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes, habanero, bell peppers and so on.  The project follows the concept of our Agricultural Real Estate in which a cluster of farming facilities is setup for the sole purpose of production and sales of vegetables. In this cluster, individuals can own as many greenhouses as they can afford by paying a onetime purchase fee. The beauty of the project is that the owners of the green house do not need to be on farm, the facilities will be completely managed by FarmKonnect on behalf of the owners.



In order to serve the South West, South-South and South-East markets, the farms are strategically located in two areas.

  • The WaVe-City Project – The Wave-City project is planned to house 10,000 units of greenhouses towards the production of up to 120,000 tons of vegetables per annum. This facility is located at Wasimi, Osun State (40 Minutes from Iwo - Road in Ibadan). This farm is to serve the South-West and export market. 
  • iMove Cluster –    Located within the premises of Imo State Polytechnic is the iMove Cluster Farms designed to produce up to 12,000 tons of vegetables per annum.  This farm is planned to serve the South West and South-South Markets.


Yes, we can help you make money from Agriculture.

The project provides opportunity for interested individuals or corporate bodies to own one or more facilities on the farm, specifically built and documented in the name of the investor. With a token, the facility will be built and managed by FarmKonnect on behalf of the investor. To own a facility, simply put a call through to FarmKonnect, sign necessary agreements and make your payment, then you are a proud owner of a green house on the project.

Time Line

  • Building and set up takes 3 weeks.
  • Production cycle is 6 months (Counts after completion of building and setup).
  • Insurance Certificate will be delivered in 10 days after building and set up.

Management and Maintenance

FarmKonnect will manage and maintain the facility on behalf of the owners.


The investor has ownership of the facility for 15 years, thus earn profit every cycle of production for 15 years.

Access to the Facility Recurrent Expenditure

The facility will be named after the investor and he will also have access to the farm any time, as it is his property.


Yes, we can help you make money from Agriculture.

Capital Requirement:  N1,300,000 per greenhouse.

Yield: N1,380,000 per cycle.

Recurrent Expenditure: N878,308 per cycle to run the facility for the following cycle.

Return on Investment: N500,000 per cycle of production (N1,000,000) per annum.

Security of Fund: In order to ensure the safety of funds, the property and the produce are fully insured.

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