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Project Your Farm

We know it is a beautiful thing for your clients to see what you offer, right? You are thinking exactly the same way. So you think the global village concept does not apply in Agriculture? It does, people need to have unlimited access to your business. No Matter how sceptical you are about online business, it is the future of every business and only those that are well aligned will grow their businesses. We have a robust directory of Farmers and other wonderful services that can make your Agricultural ventures more accessible to your clients and then increase your profitability greatly.

You may want to show your farm and services on our directory of Farmers and consultants. Or simply want to have access to buyer and sellers using our iHave iNeed app. What would it feel like to get immediate help when you get into your farm and see a strange situation and you do not know what to do? The Distress App will sort you out. Our consultancy service platform will make you have access to consultants in your field and you will not have to experiment with your resources. Maybe you are even a trainer; we have the training portal, with which you can offer paid or free training, using, video, audio or text such as .PDF, .Doc, .ppt and so onto reach out to your students. Our online Library will blow your mind and give you access to thousands of free ebooks, market surveys, research work, feasibility studies and many more, most of which are free. Finally, the record system is the soul of successful Agribusiness, we have a powerful farm management system from cropin and with this, you can increase your yield.

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