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The Basal Plan

Agriculture is a capital intensive venture and its profitability on the small scale most often than not, cannot be guaranteed. This, however, does not change the fact that Agriculture in itself can be highly rewarding and profitable. It is also the global lifeline for food security and there is need to ensure the sustainability of agriculture regardless of debilitating circumstance. But the power andbeauty of agriculture comes out when done in commercial scale.

But how many people can do Agriculture in commercial scale? In Nigeria, most people who have the resource for commercial agriculture do not often have the skill set or the energy to drive it.

Therefore, FarmKonnect Nigeria created the concept of cooperative farming that allows people invest their own funds in agriculture without having to step on the farm.
To further make it accessible, we modeled it like a simple thrift of as low as 500 Naira per day, with highly flexible contribution plan to suit a subscriber’s cash flow.

Unlike normal thrift that the subscriber gets only what he contributes, the basal plan grows the investor’s money by up to 25%. The investor also enjoys a life insurance to the tune of his investment and accident cover for the period of active investment program.

The Basal Package is an affordable contributory package that allows an investment as low as 500 Naira only per day. In this package, the investor can contribute 500 Naira daily towards his portfolio. The investment plan has 2 phases:

The Contributory Phase
At this phase, the investor can make daily contribution of 500 Naira. The investor has the flexibility to make the contribution at his own pace; there is no time or value pressure whatsoever. This phase lasts for 12 months.

The Incubation Phase
The Incubation Phase follows immediately after the completion of the Contributory Phase, there will be one month of Incubation Phase to enable the last contribution work for at least one month. At The end of the thirteenth month the investor can liquidate and cash out of the package.

The contribution is highly flexible such that an investor may contribute daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, regularly or irregularly. There is no need to be under any form of pressure, the investor can contribute at his pace.

Easy setup.
Start with just 500 Naira. Flexible contribution plans. Maturity is on thirteenth month. Multiple plans possible. Plan can run concurrently with other investment plans. Investments can be monitored from mobile phones. Premature termination of investment during contributory phase results in 15% loss of balance. Get huge reward for referring others. Up to 200,000 Naira life cover.

After the maturity of the plan, there are two cash out processes, the investor can either cash out his/her capital and the accrued profit or on the other hand, may participate in any of our cooperative large scale farming project, in which collective farming projects are done with the funds, and profits are shared in accordance with equity contribution.

This arrangement ensures that the participants can continue to earn from their investment for as long as their money remains with FarmKonnect and is invested in the project.

The profit is calculated daily and based on the investment balance.
Therefore, the investor has the liberty to contribute at his or her own pace. The investor has a life cover that ensure that even in a case of death prior to the completion of the contribution, the registered next of kin will be paid a sum of 200,000 Naira. In case of accident, the investor will enjoy accident cover up to 20,000 Naira.

If done judiciously:
Daily Contribution = 500 Naira.
Total Contribution = 500 x 365. = 182,500 Naira.

Profit Accrued = 46,647 Naira.

Percentage Profit = 25%.

Total Value = Contribution + Profit Accrued.

182,500 + 46,647 = 229,147.
Total Payout Equals 229,000

Download this file to view the profit accrued over time

There are two exit plans from this event.
1. The investor can simply cash out his money.
2. Or join any of our cooperative farming projects
to ensure continuous stream of income.