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The Term Package

The Term Package allows a sponsor to leave his money with FarmKonnect for a period of 24 Months. In this package, the sponsor simply buys minimum of one slot of the package at 25,000. The package runs for tenure of 24 months after which the sponsor can cash out his money. In the term package, the investor is paid an equivalence of 300% of his capital. This includes the capital itself. All sponsorship must be in multiple of 25,000.

So for example, if James decides to buy 10 slots of the Term Package at 250,000, the funds will be with the Company for a period of 24 Months. At maturity, the sponsor will be paid a sum of 750,000, which includes:

  • Initial Capital: 250,000.
  • Return on Investment of 200% at 500,000.
  • Total750,000.

The features of the Term Package include:


  • One slot of the package at 25,000.
  • Package runs for a minimum period of 24 months.
  • You can have multiple slots.
  • The package can run concurrently with other packages.
  • Easy to set up and liquidate.
  • A total payout of 300% which includes the initial capital.
  • Terminates automatically at 24 months.
  • We bear your risk.
  • You can activate package via, mobile app, web app or long code channels.
  • Monitor your portfolio through our mobile or web applications.


The Term Package is for those who are willing to commit their funds to Agriculture for a period of time. Not everyone wants to earn monthly or weekly, some understand that patience is wealth in Agriculture and they are willing to have their money work for them for a period. The advantage of the Term Package is the time it affords the Company to reinvest the capital and its profits into the project so as to generate more rewards for the Sponsor and the Company. So it is a great benefit for interested persons to have a saving somewhere which also generating passive income for them. It is a smarter way to save because your money makes you more money while you sleep.


Anybody can be part of the Term Package.


Automatic liquidation at maturity will credit the sponsor’s wallet with the capital and the accrued profit. The Sponsor may then cash out by:

  • Withdrawing money to his/her banks account. Or,
  • Re investing the money in any other package as he/she deems suitable.


Massive return on investment in Agriculture may ordinarily not be guaranteed. But at FarmKonnect, we utilize the funds from the Term Package in projects that have rewards of about 40% to 50% within a gestation period of usually 6 months. So we approach it as follows:
Assuming we got 100 from a sponsor and we made 40% per Production Cycle, in 24 months we will have the following cycles.

Cycle 1:


Capital is 100 and the profit is 40

Thus value of fund is now 100 + 40 = 140

Cycle 2:


New Capital = 140

Profit = 0.4 x 140 = 56

New Value is = 196


Cycle 3:

New Capital = 196

Profit = 0.4 x 196 = 78.40

New Value is = 274.40

Cycle 4:

New Capital = 274.40

Profit = 0.4 x 274.40 = 109.76

New Value is = 384.16

We take = 84.16

You take = 300

Your Reward is as follows:
A slot of the Term Package is
25,000 Only.
After 24 Months, for every 25,000 you earn:
Capital = 25,000.
Profit = 50,000.
Total = 75,000.

Therefore, for example, your total package is 1,000,000 . After 24 months, you earn:

Capital = 1,000,000.

Profit = 2,000,000.
Total = 3,000,000.
Download this file to view the profit accrued over time